Friday, December 1, 2017

Joseph's Spousal Prayer and Speculation

Hail, Mary!

With mercy mild,
You beheld your only Child
All with bloody scourges rent --
Bruised of course, derided, cursed, defiled.

For you O Most Immaculate Heart and Help of Christians,
Who became the Vessel of Salvation for all humankind,
Blessed amongst all women
But at once my consort in the eyes of simple men --
A question if I may!

Would you make for me a sandwich
Of two loaves and maybe of three fishes
Without mayo
And with no fine drink to make a Hapless Meal
(The Curse of Marketing not having joined just yet
Its lesser brethren that we know now here in Palestine in A.D. 41 --
The Plagues of Locusts, Frogs and squirming Lice)?

And may I ask a question much more bold?
How would the world be different
If you had let me cross the bedding like a normal man
When younger, nearly helpless
With that other hunger?

If you had -- forget about the ecstasy! --
We could have raised our palms to God the Father,
Thwarted His Whole Plan for vengeance sake,
And joined the greatest actors on the earthen stage
By strength of will and not by mere submission!

Perched atop a teeming mountain of the greatest sinners,
Only Adam with his Eve could rival us.
We'd stand upon the Devil's own red carpet
Hell-bent without bending,
And the world would know us not for meekness,
Not for not offending.

Meekness though it overcame us.
Now we sit bereft.
And yet the Father, Holy Ghost and your own Son
Will blame us
That we let the Sands of Caesar
Bury us in doubt and rank despair.

But you, who are without corruption,
You will leave me here
On angels' wings.
I'll ply my trade.
I'll hammer home the crooked pegs
Until my eyes as well betray me
And I lay myself down with no comrades,
With no Holy Family
Without you --
My once imagined Vessel of Salvation.

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