Saturday, February 5, 2022


Drawn to the Downed Power Line

People can be assigned to three general categories when it comes to the UAP/UFO Phenomenon.

The first comprises those who continue to see it as nonsense.  These people are ill-informed or uninformed.

The second comprises those who think that there may be something to it, but turn their backs on it or run away from it.  "Life is challenging enough without thinking about stuff like this.  I will wait until it is mainstream enough that CNN/Fox/MSNBC/PBS take it up as a serious issue.  The fact that they have not to date proves that indeed it is not a serious issue."

The third comprises people who are drawn to the subject like moths to a flame, having convinced themselves that it is real and become obsessed with figuring out its implications for everything, from the physical fate of mankind on the earth to our relationship with God.  Many of these people have read 20 or more books on the subject, and watched countless long-form podcasts about it.  I place myself in this category.

But within this last category there are two subcategories -- the optimists on the one hand and those who are cautious-to-terrified on the other.  Among the optimists would be people like the Australian journalist Ross Coulthart ("In Plain Sight")  and the Hollywood producer Bryce Zabel.  Together they produce the podcast "Need to Know."  It posits not only that there is a need to know, but also that "people can handle it!"  In the second subcategory I would place two giants of Ufology -- Colm Kelleher and George Knapp -- who have collaborated on a book called "Skinwalkers at the Pentagon," which lays out some of the more recent efforts of our government to figure out the Phenomenon without causing popular alarm.

Here, linked below, Kelleher and Knapp are interviewed for more than two hours by Curt Jaimungal, a brilliant and earnest young man with a background in physics and mathematics who was, as it were, pulled by the sleeve into the Phenomenon by virtue of his more conventional explorations of recent developments in physics, biochemistry, cosmology, AI and yes, philosophy:

At the end of this remarkable podcast, Curt confesses that he will soon take a complete break from this subject, because it is shattering him.  He quotes Rene Descartes to the effect that he feels himself trapped at the bottom of a pool with no hope of surfacing.

And Dr. Kelleher, towards the end, pulls into the discussion broader philosophical threads, including the arguments of Bernardo Kastrup that consciousness is primary, and matter secondary and derivative.

Both Kelleher and and Knapp have seen in their own families disturbing visitations from "the Other" that suggest either malign intent or,  perhaps just as scary, indifference towards us.

Once again I propose that this entire veil is about to be torn asunder.  A cold fear grips me when I think about it.  A phalanx of demons lies between us and our spiritual home.  Can the people handle it?  Will the flame consume the moths?

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