Monday, March 28, 2022


The Primacy of Consciousness, Cont'd

Towards the end of May 1944, a rather simple and smallish crossword puzzle was published in a newspaper in Britain, where a million heavily-armed men and a hundred thousand vehicles were awaiting transport over the English Channel to Normandy.  

Four clues of the puzzle called for the following solutions, respectively:  "OMAHA," "UTAH," "MULBERRY" and "OVERLORD."  "Omaha" and "Utah" were code names for the beaches that the Americans were to attack.  The "Mulberry" would be an enormous artificial harbor attached to the Normandy flats, and over which two and a half million men would pass into France by the time the invasion was over.  "Overlord" was the code name for the invasion itself.

When British intelligence became aware of the puzzle, its creator was hauled in for interrogation, suspected of being a spy for the Germans and tipping them off to invasion-related secrets.  In fact he was nothing of the kind.  He had, it seems, unusually fine-tuned antennae that could pick up powerful things in the zeitgeist.

Dr. Jung would not be at all surprised at this.

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