Wednesday, February 21, 2024


Final Jeopardy

It caused only a mild stir when it was revealed that Alex Trebek died not in his home, surrounded by loved ones, but on the set, in what wags quickly labeled his "Final Jeopardy Collapse."

Lionel Porfiry of Youngstown, Ohio had just chosen "Hip-hop for forty."  Alex was going to say "That's incorrect.  The correct question is 'Who is Will da Beast? ... Who is Will da Beast?'"  But just as he was about to say the first "Will," his right hand reached for his throat.  He toppled back from the podium onto his haunches and smacked his head hard against the floor.  By the time they reached him to loosen his tie, he had no pulse at the carotid artery.

When Will da Beast himself saw the clip weeks later, he sent a floral display to Jean, Alex's widow.  It filled an entire small room, the room that served as Alex's first-floor office.

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