Tuesday, June 11, 2024


Ask Your Doctor About Padloxidoxicillimen (TM)

It's the only drug clinically proven to eliminate the side effects of other prescribed medications that are marketed on television.

(Padloxidoxicillimen itself may cause bleeding gums and shortness of breath that in rare cases progresses to respiratory arrest.  Do not take Padloxidoxicillimen if you are pregnant and operating heavy machinery.)

Cut to a husband and wife who are barely able to contain their joie de vivre.  He is about 60, black with a helmet of grey hair.  She is much younger, Asian-American or perhaps a Pacific Islander.  She has just said something that has precipitated a laugh from her husband while they wait for a white man at the counter, equally carefree but servile, to spray disinfectant inside their bowling shoes.

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