Tuesday, July 28, 2020

In Camera, In Perpetuity

A "famously obscure" philosopher once said that anything that can be said can be said clearly.

His funeral was a simple affair.  His remains were elsewhere.  Its centerpiece was a set of ten nesting boxes.   The largest box was the size of a steamer trunk, the smallest of a lady's jewelry box of the 19th century.

Each box had a padlock of corresponding size, but, by a feat of forgery, a single key could open them all.

All but the smallest box was locked.  The smallest box held the last remaining such key.  The nine others were melted in the same forge in which they were cast, into an image in miniature of the philosopher's family crest, in bas relief in the manner of Saint-Gaudens.

The crest resides with him in perpetuity.

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