Sunday, July 12, 2020

The Bible Reconsidered

With the players on the stage, up to and including Jesus, taking on relative unimportance.

Three things of real importance.   (I might have said three "words," but one of the things is the word "Word" itself, so that would have the snake biting its tail.)

In order of time, the Word, and then the Light, and then the Garden.  In the Beginning was the Word, the Vibration.   And the Word was God.  And God let there be Light, and the Light shone in the Darkness, and the Darkness grasped It not.

Adam and Eve found their paradise not in a gold-walled cave, nor in a castle on the mountaintop, nor in a cabin on the shores of Lake Tahoe.   They found it in a Garden teeming with life of all kinds -- bacterial, fungal, grub-like, deciduous, reptilian, mammalian ..., and all to a greater or lesser extent sapiens.

That life of all sorts, including yours and mine, is One, it emanates from the Vibration, and it resolves into the Light.  That is the hidden story, one that may be laid comfortably over any Buddhist cosmology like a transparency in an old medical text.  And the rest?  It's just folk and fairy tale.

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