Wednesday, January 27, 2021


The Great Convergence

Unfortunately I can't conjure a comprehensive image for it.

What theology do we have, what "teleology," to save us from the apparent indifference of the universe at scale to us?

We needed another world that seemed, at least at the point of death, to care, either by offering us admittance through the Gates of Heaven, or by absorbing us into the Benign Light of Creation.

Now I fear that the Beyond, the other side of the veil, is a kaleidoscope world populated largely by demons, some laughing, some ready to devour us, as the Tibetan Book of the Dead foretells, except that they are not just products of our imagination that we must ignore if we are to escape the cycle of reincarnation.  They are real, and their indifference to our individual fates, like our own indifference to particular ants in the woods, is "how things are."  I try to think in a clear-eyed way about:

  • Sept 11
  • The tsunamis of Japan and Indonesia
  • Our current plague
  • Our political chaos and corruption
  • The tens of millions of deaths in WWII, which I now see as directly traceable to the decadence of the interwar years in Germany, a decadence that I would have gladly embraced myself, and one not unlike the ethos of the culture in which I swam in the '60s and '70s
  • Most especially, the knocking on our door of otherworldly civilizations and what it portends for that same theology and teleology
  • Our common ignorance of history
To whom are we to "commend our spirits" when the time comes?

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