Wednesday, March 17, 2021


How Do You Love Jesus?

It has always struck me as a little creepy how a Christian's, a Catholic's, love for Jesus may be expressed in displaced-romantic terms.  I can see it maybe in young girls going off to the novitiate; it is natural that their pent-up romantic feelings be projected onto Him, by default as it were.  But as a general thing it seems both creepy and false.  

Why false?  Unless you walked the earth or parted the waves with Him like Peter or Thomas or Judas, the familiarity would be impertinent, and it seems to me it would diminish His Divinity.  If you were suddenly brought face to face with Him, you might yourself be overwhelmed by the power of His love as a love aimed at you.  But the authentic response to that would not be to run up to Him and embrace Him as if he were a lost girlfriend or boyfriend.  He is too powerful for that.  Even in adoration there would be a cowering fear, a helplessness as if a typhoon had come up and come over you.  Indeed, even when Christ was an infant, the adoration of the Magi was, among other things, supine.

Romantic love implies a certain equality or reciprocity of feeling that just doesn't cut it in this context.

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