Saturday, March 20, 2021


Three Handshakes in One Year Under COVID

And only three, if my memory does not fail.  

The first with Rebecca, the Mistress of Keuka Lake.  The second with James, life partner, we hope, to a dear relation of mine.  The third with Charles, life partner to an even more dear relation of mine.

Is it coincidence that all three carry names that would sound in an 18th century British novel or, indeed, at the height of the Great Plague of 1665-66?

Not "Becky" but "Rebecca."  Not "Jimmy" but "James."  Not "Chuck" but "Charles."

In high school we had to memorize the chronology -- "James I ... Charles I ... Charles II ... James II."  With a regicide smack down the middle.

The handshake should not be abandoned out of some religious reaction to the pandemic.

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