Monday, June 21, 2021


A Fantasy Indulged

That it would be as easy to erase the engraved words above the stately columns of the United States Supreme Court as it would be to erase a sixth-grade blackboard.

Uncle Sam himself, down from Capitol Hill and on stilts.  He being right handed, he would start from the right and move, methodically, to the left.  "W-A-L  R-E-D-N-U E-C-I-T-S-U-J L-A-U-Q-E."  The marble would show only a faint trace of what had been there when he was done.

And then, after a decent interval, the eminent sculptress Friedriechsdottir Borglum would work her magic with hammer and spike for a little more than a month, building 22 letters and spaces into a length that lately had held 23 - "OUR LEADERS ARE MORONS".

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