Saturday, December 3, 2022


A Most Frightful Form of Fatima

In UFO circles -- yes, among those people -- there is complete consensus that the US government has known about alien visitations since at least 1947, when the Roswell crash took place in New Mexico, but has hidden the evidence, and continues to do so to this day, even as the Navy has released video footage of the "Nimitz encounter" as well as other compelling evidence of non-human intrusion.

Why the cover-up?  Here the consensus disintegrates, but a dominant theme is that those in the know fear that the truth would drive mankind into chaos and confusion.  Of course, the danger of that depends in part on what it is that may be exposed.  If the Intruding Other is an ET of the Spielberg sort, or an Oracle come to save us from our own primitive and self-destructive ways, then perhaps people will be able to "take it."  Less likely so if the Intruders are indifferent to our fate or downright malevolent.  

Some conspiracy-minded types speculate that there is a fundamentalist Christian circle within the Pentagon that sees the Intruders as "demonic" as that term is used in the scriptures, and in the main just wants us not to throw away our bibles after the news breaks.  Others speculate that the chaos and confusion would redound to the detriment of some Corporate Cabal that runs everything.  (This is an idea or prejudice that I have always dismissed because, having been deep inside many big corporations, including some in the defense industry, I have rarely seen them thinking or acting in lockstep even when it might be in their interest to do so.  They are too obsessed with their own internal challenges and problems to join together behind some curtain in a secret committee to rule the world.)

My own answer to the "why?" has undergone a subtle shift lately.  I used to think that the cover-up continued in large part because it would be too difficult and shameful to admit to the American people that lies have been added to lies for 75 years ("heads will roll!"), and also too humiliating to admit that at bottom we don't know what is going on and that we are helpless to control it.

Now I think that many of those in the highest circles who are "read in" to the presence of the Intruders know enough to be truly and legitimately frightened, and therefore that they may have acted in good faith in scrupulously guarding their secrets.

The new view is informed by a conviction that various phenomena of "high strangeness" have a common origin.  Saucers, TicTacs, orbs of light, cubes within spheres, massive triangular craft, mutilated cattle, Sasquatch, Dogman, the airships of 1897 (look it up), Ezekiel's angel and yes, the Spinning Sun and the Radiant Woman of Fatima!  They all come from some other dimension or dimensions.  And we are like blind mole rats, completely unable to distinguish between red and green, or to see anything at all for that matter, until the Intruding Others decide to tear the veil and make an appearance in our world, for reasons that are inscrutable to us.  When they make an appearance, they can be cloaked as variously as the Blessed Virgin Mary and a mantis with an anal probe, knowing that we will react very differently to the former and the latter.

Consider the following thought experiment.  As more and more evidence leaks out, a small but growing cult evolves around the UFO phenomenon.  On the same night in January of 2030, in Daytona Beach in Florida but also much further to the east in Cabo Frio, Brazil, a few thousand enthusiasts gather on the beach to await the sunrise.

But the sun does not rise.  In its place rises the enormous, radiant red face of a Grinning Goblin.  It rises and it continues to rise, all over the world.  Our light and our temperature are as before.  There are no signs of hostility or disruption other than the fact of the Grinning Goblin itself.  This could be said to be a phenomenon very much like Our Lady of Fatima and her Spinning Sun in its high strangeness and inexplicability but, of course, we will not interpret the Goblin as our intercessor with God or as our friend.

The Goblin does not exist, but those in the know may legitimately fear that Disclosure will trigger manifestations with the same potential to throw us all into a global "weeping and gnashing of teeth."

UFO enthusiasts often characterize their work as "exciting, thrilling and fun!"  That it may be, and we may indeed have a "need to know" about all of this that knows no caveats.  But how many myths and stories have cautioned us over the centuries not to pop the cork on that particular bottle?

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