Wednesday, December 14, 2022


Pat Boone is Making a New Movie

How do I know?  He told me on TV.  It was in one of those advertisements for the pills that make all of your aches and pains go away.  They are what make it possible for him still to charge the net at 88, if in the stiff and halting way that is appropriate for a man of his age.  The pills are entirely drug free.

What will it be about?  It should be about moon and June, and for certain he will croon.  It will be about bobby socks and white Angola sweaters, from Angola.  I'm sure it will have a happy ending.  It will be a hit if everybody goes to watch it.  They will turn people away at The Bijou.  

Oh wait, there is no more Bijou.  (That was a long time ago.) Where did I put my glasses?

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