Wednesday, April 28, 2021


Emerson Wojciechowska Fittipaldi

"You may choose your own fate," saith the Lord to him.   Further He said:

"You may be overcome by a brief rush of adrenalin as you enter Turn Six, and slide off onto the edge of a berm at 180 mph, the car flipping rather late in the crash onto its back, compressing your skull and your spine as well.

"Or much later your daughter may send you, on your birthday, and without irony, a white plastic wheel that the nurse will know to clamp to the tray of your wheelchair, and in the center a feeble little red button of a horn, one that you will delight in pressing repeatedly with your right thumb, not so much for the squeak that it makes as for its 'organic compression' every time you push it."

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