Wednesday, April 28, 2021


Flailing, Blindly, at the Feet of the Boddhisatva

In which the narrator recognizes that Buddhist philosophy is as jesuitical as is Jesuit philosophy. 

With apologies for the repetition, we have noted that the literal meaning of “compassion” is “shared suffering.” 

When compassion is exercised, then, is it to that extent spent?   That is, is there a Second Law of Thermodynamics at work, or at play, here?  Or was the Great Achievement of the Buddha to have discovered and accessed an Infinite Reservoir of Compassion?  But would such an Infinite Reservoir of Compassion not imply an infinite amount of suffering in the world?  And suffering on that scale created at Whose Hand? 

Perhaps the Buddha would say that our mistake is in concluding that the Infinite Reservoir of Compassion is the Ultimate Foundational Reality of All Things.  Rather, the Infinite Reservoir flows out of the Foundational Reality.  Which is not created.  Which is, in fact, the Creator.  Of a world without end.


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